Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Southern

**I was in the middle of writing this post last night when I ran out of time to prepare for our NYE party. Oh well. Happy 2012!! More great food to eat this year.**

Happy New Year's Eve! We'll be staying in and hosting a party tonight so no NYE restaurant post this year. Last night we went to The Southern for a quick and easy meal in the neighborhood. I had been once before for drink and enjoyed myself, so I was happy and eager to get a meal experience. It was somewhat quiet but downstairs was pretty lively. The decor and scene is definitely more bar - with high tops and TVs - than restaurant but the menu has enough options for any meal. We also had the pleasure of hosting our friends from Kentucky in order to get their thoughts on the authenticity of the "southern" cooking style.

I was pleasantly surprised with all of the food that we ate. Everyone ordered one dish (the menu isn't really separated by courses) and we had a side of cornbread and mashed potatoes. I really like the mashed potatoes - nice and creamy and buttery, delish. The cornbread was also nice and came with butter or honey.

Erica ordered crab cakes (came with two good sized ones) and I had the Andouille Gumbo (with house made spicy sausage, Gunthorp Farm duck, steamed rice, pickled okra).

I was very impressed with my gumbo. It had the required heat but not too overwhelming that would require breaks. The sausage was tasty and tender and there was the perfect amount of sauce with the rice. I heard similar compliments all around - especially from our KY friends that ordered the Burgoo and the Mushrooms & Dumplings (both things I had never heard of before).

Our short and sweet meal was surprisingly good with every dish well prepared with great and simple flavors. The Southern's tagline is "Kickass Food + Comfort Food". I think they do both well and look forward to returning soon.

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  1. I didn't expect the Southern to look so good. Thanks for the post and I added it to my list.



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