Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Coast Sushi

For whatever reason it took me a long time to dine at Coast in Bucktown even though it's been around with many high marks. I've waited about a month to write about our meal so I can't recall each maki roll we ordered but it doesn't matter. The food is very good and the atmosphere is lively and fun due in no small part to the BYOB policy. It's classier and trendier than your neighborhood BYO which means it's slightly harder to get into but the food is clearly better. I really think it's one of the better all around BYO sushi places I've been to in a while - especially in the area. It may not "wow" you with everything on the table and you know the servers are desperately trying to turn tables - but a few rolls stood out for excellent flavors. And finally, the value is better than average for good service and a fun experience in a good setting.

We started with my favorite - an order of gomae - and it came in a funny presentation of three small separate pieces instead of a large one. that didn't matter because it was tasty with a nice sesame sauce. We also tried two of the specials: one sashimi and another salmon type roll with something in the middle. I really liked the sashimi with a hot pepper and a little kick. Refreshing and simple.

As the first picture demonstrates,we ordered a lot of food for the four of us. We ate it all fast enough to order a couple extra too. Everything was great and I don't quite remember which rolls were my favorite. We used spicy rolls when possible and enjoyed the liberal use of tempura flakes or crunchy this and that. The menu is plenty large to keep you satisfied and interested for many visits.

There's a good reason Coast remains one of the more popular sushi restaurants in town, especially one that combines high quality and a BYO policy. Maybe I'm late to the game but I'm glad I made it eventually - coast is a solid choice for a fun night (just remember to make reservations and avoid the my previous mistake).

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