Sunday, August 14, 2011

GT Fish & Oyster

I love going out to eat with friends and trying new places always looking for that next great meal. GT has great pedigree and a lot of buzz, but in a word we were all disappointed with the product. I love the concept of a fish centric casual fun spot in the heart of River North. The bar area is large and decorated with plenty of high class seafaring decorations. There's also a separate back room that has most of the dining space. GT continues the popular trend of "small plates" where they encourage you to order many and share (it must be profitable as every new restaurant pushes this). We obliged and tried five different plates from the rather large but straightforward menu (divided into two sections - hot and cold).

Aside from the food being completely mediocre we were astonished at the large number at the bottom of our bill (and we didn't drink THAT much but I suppose multiple $8-14 plates can add up quickly). My favorite flavor came from a last minute addition of sliders (don't remember which fish was inside). They were very tasty. Next best was probably the GT lobster mac n cheese (remember we're mac n cheese experts). We absolutely could not finish the ravioli dish and everything else was flatly ho-hum (specifically: tuna poke, fish tacos, and shrimp bruschetta). And unfortunately for all of us, Ari and Tali ordered completely different things than we did and also found only one dish worth remembering and a lot of mediocre. Oh well, we tried and enjoyed our conversations and admiring the crowd in a very well designed space though we just wouldn't return for most of the food (and have much larger wallets) even though Phil Vettel gives it three stars

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  1. Fascinating. I had a GREAT meal here on Friday. Really really good. Tuna Poke to start and then the chilli crab pasta. I left very pleased, if a bit poor...



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