Monday, August 8, 2011


Last weekend we went for brunch at, well, Brunch. We were supposed to be meeting friends Ari and Tali but they had the unfortunate luck of getting a screw stuck in their tire. Oh well, Erica and I decided to stay and eat anyway since we already waited to get to the front of the line. I'm not much of a brunch person to begin with so my expectations are usually low. For whatever reason Brunch didn't manage to live up to them anyway. We ordered to main dishes and a side of fried sausage. We thought they were going to be more similar to pancake wrapped sausage but it wasn't meant to be and they were practically inedible. I ordered one of the healthier options of egg white scramble with veggies, sides of fruit and turkey sausage. It was smaller than I expected (could have used a starch) and the eggs were very bland (supplemented with hot sauce). The turkey sausage seemed store bought and heated.

Erica had eggs over easy with bacon and breakfast potatoes. The potatoes were clearly the best item of our entire meal and I helped eating them significantly. The bacon was a slightly undercooked (maybe a preference thing) and the eggs were equally bland.

The wasn't the worst meal of our lives but a decent brunch shouldn't be too much ask, especially considering most items we could have made at home just as easy. I personally don't have a high bar when it comes to breakfast meals but there should definitely be a reason to get out of bed and make a trek to eat on a sunday morning vs. lounging around and cooking yourself. Our service was friendly and attentive but I'm not sure exactly what I paid for. Brunch just didn't do it for me.

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  1. Such a disappointment! We will have to check out this "Brunch" at some point and hope for some more exciting results than thosse they gave you.



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