Monday, August 1, 2011

Roy's Restaurant - (Round II and prix fixe preview)

This is a two for one post. Erica and I ate at Roy's (for the second time) in June soon after we returned from Mexico. It was in some respects a dinner to remember our awesome trip to Hawaii the previous June. We took advantage of the three course prix fixe (for $36) just as we did the first time. It's a bummer the ahi poke is not included but we ordered it to start anyway because it's quite tasty. For our three courses we chose a salad, lettuce wraps, chicken paillard, ono fish (I think) and DUAL Roy's Melting Hot Chocolate Souffle. It was close but it's so good that we didn't want to share. 

For whatever reason this meal was not as good as our first one. The salad was nice and fresh but the lettuce wraps were disappointing. Neither Erica's chicken nor my fish were up to the same standards as our first meal. Of course the dessert was knock out and worth a trip just for that course (or combine it with some poke and wine and call it a meal!) I still enjoy Roy's and appreciate how easy it is to slip into a far away Hawaiian island in only a few bites. 

Every once in a while we bloggers get a lucky break and are offered a free meal for tasting and/or preview. Not long after our meal at Roy's I was invited to meet the new Chef/Partner Rhett Dukes (Born and raised in Texas, and schooled at Art Institute of Houston, Chef Rhett Dukes has designed tonight's menu from the finest ingredients available. With his love of the simplistic and rustic, to the constant evolving of the culinary world, Chef Dukes and his culinary Ohana keep the cuisine at Roy's Chicago seasonal and comforting.) and preview the new summer prix fixe menu. We had a wonderful experience, four courses and drink pairings plus for each course Chef Dukes came out to personally explain why each item was on the menu or where the inspiration came from. Everything tasted great but I really enjoyed the Hawaiian Style Misoyaki Butterfish.Too bad it was just a small sample on a plate with ono and beef short ribs but that just gives one more reason to return. 

My second favorite item from our tasting menu was the dessert: baked Hawaiian (their version of the classic baked Alaskan, and in the shape of a volcano no less). Other items featured for us included Maine lobster dim sum, miso soup and lumpia prito. 

As my record shows I'm a fan of Roy's even without special treatment and free dinners. It's a fun and unique place in Chicago to enjoy "Hawaiian fusion" cuisine. The fish selections are first rate and you can always have a great meal with the seasonal prix fixe selections. So that's my plug, read below for more information on the current menu. 

Roy's on Urbanspoon

Six Regional Chef Partners Give Their Culinary Interpretation of the Summer Season
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (July 29, 2011) – Roy’s, the internationally renowned Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine dining restaurant, today announced the 2011 Summer Prix Fixe Menu. The menu is comprised of dishes created by 6 different local Chef Partners, in conjunction with Corporate Chef Kiel Lombardo, to complement the Season.  The 3-Course Summer Prix Fixe Menu does just that, by combining traditional Roy’s fare with a summer twist.

Guests are encouraged to pick one of the following options for each course. Appetizer options include Tampa Chef Ryan Leto’s Little Neck Clams Chorizo, Chicago Chef Rhett Dukes’ Glazed Pork Tenderloin and Woodland Hills Chef Jason Moffit’s Compressed Melon Salad. Filipino Style Grilled Chicken, courtesy of La Jolla Chef Percy Oani, kicks off the entrĂ©e selections alongside Sarasota Chef Justin Fields’ Garam Masala Seared Shrimp, Plano Chef Scott Nakachi’s Tamari & Garlic Grilled Flat Iron Steak and Chef Kiel’s Pan Seared Steelhead Trout. The dessert course includes Chef Kiel’s Mascarpone Cheesecake or Chef Roy’s staple, the Melting Hot Chocolate SoufflĂ©.

“Each local Chef Partner is what makes each individual Roy’s unique,” said Corporate Executive Chef Kiel Lombardo. “This Summer Prix Fixe menu truly reflects Chef Roy Yamaguchi’s vision, while rewarding the individual style and creativity.”

The 3-Course Summer Prix Fixe Menu is available through September at participating locations for $35.95 per person. Please visit the Roy’s website for additional details at


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