Monday, April 4, 2011

Westminster Hot Dog

I think I'm on a similar page as my fellow blogger friend Krista (her post here). This is a place I want to like to more, and since my office is across the street I might have to give it another go. It's gourmet encased meat, but appears as if you get it from the back alley. The interior is a non decorated dump, and your dog arrives wrapped in foil in a take out bag (which makes some sense as the majority of patrons are just stopping in for take out lunch). But correct me if I'm wrong, but the Wiener Circle has more character and presentation and they don't even try to serve "gourmet" $6 hot dogs. I also think I ordered the wrong item (though I hate that concept) - a "Spicy Garlic". Everyone else I was with went with a traditional "Chicago Style" hot dog (though in Chicago we just call it a dog with "everything"). Those looked, and I bet tasted, much better than my choice.

By the time I got back to my desk the dog was not very warm. I'm guessing the spicy comes from the meat being a spicy Italian sausage, and the garlic from the interesting looking sauce on top (onions too). The fries were still warm and quite good. I ordered a cheese cup on the side that was totally unnecessary, ketchup was just fine. The bun was also an unremarkable sourdough that I could have found at Jewel.

I wish it was better and for $3 I'm sure I'll give them another shot. But it's hard to distinguish yourself making hot dogs in this town and unless their specialty dogs are out of this world it'll be hard to stick around. I hope the bison, elk, venison or whatever they have are great because who doesn't love a great hot dog stand close by?

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