Thursday, April 7, 2011

Milk & Honey Cafe

I have never been much of a brunch person, but maybe that's because I was going to the wrong places or they were too far away. I have a feeling that is about to change, now that we live within walking distance to numerous great brunch/breakfast spots. Last weekend we explored Milk & Honey Cafe, a cute place we noticed walking home from the Boundary. It was noon and a crowded time to try to get a table anywhere. Luckily the weather was changing and they let us sit outside without any wait.

The menu is great with lots of items I want to try for breakfast or lunch. I was in a sweet mood but was completely swayed by the huevos rancheros that seemed to be on every table. It's only served on the weekend and they do it "Casserole-Style" - something I've never seen before. Erica opted for the delicious orange brioche french toast. Jean and Jim did lunch with a portabella panini and crab cake sandwich respectively. I also added a side of turkey sausage and bacon .

I enjoyed the huevos rancheros, especially with addition hot sauce. There's plenty of fun and filling flavors with scrambled Eggs, Black Beans, Salsa Picante, Tortillas, Monterey Jack and Cheddar Cheese. I would recommend it to egg fans and anyone with a sizable appetite. Next time around I'm going with something sweet (pancakes, french toast, waffles, etc.) because my two bites of the Orange Brioche French Toast (with Toasted Almonds and Pure Maple Syrup) was awesome. The bacon and turkey sausage were solid, as well as our deliciously refreshing mimosas to start the meal. I didn't love the sandwiches at the table, but maybe I was just in a breakfast mood (though I think the breakfast menu has more enticing options).

I'm thrilled to have a fun cafe/brunch spot so close (AND they serve beer & wine). There's plenty of new spots to try out but it never hurts to have good one in your back pocket. I'm sure to be back.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Milk and Honey. It's also pretty sweet that they have one of the cheapest lox platters in town.



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