Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Boundary Tavern and Grille

Part 2 of our explore the new neighborhood tour takes us to The Boundary, a cool and modern sports bar with a little something for everyone. It has the big bar, the TV in every direction, the semi private booth, the diverse but approachable bar menu and even the shuffle board in the back. We had just moved in and didn't have any food in the apartment and felt grubby having moved all day. There are more than a few casual bars in the area but Erica had heard about The Boundary so we checked it out.

The first thing that came to mind was an uncanny resemblance to State Bar in the DePaul area. It even reminds me of a slightly nicer version of Kirkwood Bar - one of our old staples. I don't have a clue what the crowd is like on the weekends, but on a Wednesday night I was happy to see plenty of local police officers enjoying their meals (I trust the local workforce for reliable food). The menu is quite large with plenty of traditional sandwich, burger, wrap and appetizer options, but also a few salads and "dinner plates". This is important because multiple trips back for sports game will require a solid line up of food choices.

We ordered three things: spinach artichoke dip, ahi tuna wrap and fish tacos. We really like the pita served with the dip (a great shared starter) and Erica's tuna wrap. It was healthy, fresh and had a really nice light sweet dressing. Wraps come with a choice of side and the grilled asparagus was surprisingly good. I am a bit concerned that "one of the best items" is the fish tacos. It's a solid portion size with three tacos and chips. I liked but didn't love them and only ate two. There was a lot of cheese and sauce on the fish with a small dose of lettuce/cabbage topping. It felt more like a fish quesadilla than a fish taco, but maybe that's the point. I added some spicy salsa to add salt and flavor.

We had a nice meal, especially at a "bar and grille". It was good enough to make it a regular destination for quick eats and sports game viewing. Maybe we will find other preferred destinations, but this is also an option AND they serve a pretty good weekend brunch (or so we heard).Other perks include a large patio, good value and attentive service.

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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood. My boyfriend lives right around there, and there's tons to explore. I recommend Dee's Place if you haven't been already. try to go on a night w live jazz, and def. get the fried green tomatoes app. mmm.

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