Thursday, December 9, 2010

Roy's Restaurant

A few weeks ago I joined the Baker family to celebrate Jordan's birthday at Roy's. I had heard many great things about Roy's but never had the pleasure of dining there. Our recent trip to Hawaii only added curiosity to one of the few Hawaiian themed restaurants in the city.

The best part of the meal occurred before we even tasted anything.  We were aware of their 3-course prix fixe selections for $36 but on Monday's in November, you could create your own 3-course with practically anything on the menu. This was an unexpected bonus and we took advantage to the tune of four different starters, four different entrees and three desserts. I felt confident that I tasted most of what Roy's had to offer and I'm glad that I did.

We all contributed to the selection of starters to make sure we had variety. The four choices were crispy lobster pot stickers, short ribs, poke stack and fried calamari. Everything was delicious, though we all agreed the pot stickers were the weak link. The poke was melt-in-your-mouth and fresh from the sea with a light sauce. The short ribs seemed to never end but had a nice balance of tangy sauce and fall off the bone tenderness. Finally, the calamari did not strike me as memorable, but was well executed and accompanied by the best sauce of the meal.

My main course was Roy's signature blackened Ahi served in a spicy mustard butter sauce. I liked my dish and the tuna was cooked perfectly - blackened on the outside but rare inside. The spicy mustard packed a punch and I wish there was more sauce on the plate to go with all the tuna. I probably would explore other options on a return visit, but for any Ahi lovers this is a solid choice.

Jordan wanted something with a kick and went with the crab dynamite crusted ono.

At last the dessert arrived. Erica and her mom knew they didn't want to fight over the molten chocolate cake souffle, so we ordered two. Jordan went with the upside pineapple cake and I kept to my latest pastry fetish, bread pudding. "Save the best for last" definitely applied to our meal, with everyone raving about the particular plate in front of them. We forced ourselves to share, since it did not take long to clean our plates. I think my bread pudding with ice cream was the best, but others at the table may disagree. At the end of the meal we all agreed on how good the food and service was, and our incredible custom 3-course prix fixe. I recommend Roy's to anyone in the mood for a high quality American/fusion/Hawaiian meal.  (It also makes a great spot for that special occasion)

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  1. What a fun little place. Have never heard of Roy's before. $36 for three courses is definitely a good bargain! (Says the girl who just spent $110 PER PERSON at Shaw's last night...for mediocre food.)



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