Saturday, December 11, 2010

Szechwan North

[Read my update and most recent visit: Szechwan North]

Chinese food during Thanksgiving weekend is a family tradition. Our favorite neighborhood spot is Szechwan North, a suburban institution consistently serving delicious food. We arrived hungry, having come directly from the movies (another great way to spend time with the family). My standard appetizer is steamed pot stickers (non-pork), and these are one of my favorites. We ate them so fast I did not get a chance to take a photo. Spring rolls, egg rolls, and soup are usually on the table. Alyssa wanted to try the scallion pancakes, something new and different. (Not my favorite, mostly just fried dough).

In a rare show of discipline, we only ordered one non-vegetable main course dish - sesame chicken.


Our other standard choices are string beans and eggplant.

Finally, instead of a beef dish or another chicken I decided on vegetarian fried noodles. Maybe it was all the turkey from the previous night, but I was not in the mood for more protein.

The sesame chicken is great because they make it crispy without tasting fried, and the sauce is sweet but not sugary. String beans is a staple for me just like pot stickers. Some places make their beans more spicy (I love it spicy), but these were just as good. I would have liked a little more sauce to drench my rice with, but flash fried beans still make a great choice. Eggplant is a favorite of my sister and mother, and I've grown to enjoy it, though it's not my first pick. My consolation was the fried noodles, which was a perfect addition to the table and well consumed.
There's not much more I need to say about very good and dependable Chinese. This is our family choice for suburban Chinese and I look forward to many more meals so long as they keep serving them.

Szechwan North

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