Thursday, December 16, 2010

Maude's Liquor Bar - Food Pictures

I had the privilege of getting an early look at the food of the yet to be open Maude's. Since they are still working out the final details before opening in January, it would be premature to give a full rundown of tastes and flavors. Some items might not even make it to the final product.

Country Terrine

Cheese of the day with apple relish/jam

Pomme Frites with garlic aioli

Lamb's Tongue

Sausage of the day with lentils

 French Onion Fondue

 Beef Shortrib Bouruignon

Red Wine Braised Chicken

Market Fish (Skate - hand caught)

Mini Seafood Tower

Brussel Sprouts

For more information, Maude's has a good blog ( chronicling the events leading up to the opening.

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