Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finishing Up Peru Food

While I did a good job of sending back pictures on the fly from Peru, there are a few more meals to document.

We had two very good meals in Cusco at Los Peros and Nunas. The former was our final dinner as an entire group before people went their separate ways. The highlight from that meal had to be the house sized burgers some people ordered. They could have been the largest burgers I’ve seen with my own eyes. Needless to say they couldn’t finish half of what was ordered, and I can’t blame them. The meet was marinated in a slightly sweet sauce that made consuming mass quantities difficult. I ordered the Asian Flavors (Chinese style chicken with rice), and loved it. Consensus suggested I out-ordered most. We also enjoyed authentic Pisco Sours, as well as delicious vegetable wantons to start.

Nunas had been the best food of the trip at the time. Alyssa had a basic but tasty pasta dish, while I went with the signature beef dish served “lopez style.” I loved the spicy and complex seasonings and all the vegetables that accompanied.

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