Sunday, July 4, 2010

Big Star

 If it wasn't already known, I've been on the road a lot. I have a few things to post from last month, and I hope to get those done before I leave tomorrow morning for Peru. I also have good stories with food from South Africa, a great eaters country.

While Jed and I were running around before leaving for the World Cup, we stopped into Big Star to have a drink and snack, and finally cross it off my list. I'm glad we went, the food is good and the drinks are fantastic. Like most people have already noted, I'd go to Big Star for the drinks/atmosphere first with the added bonus of tasty food. The prices for individual servings are reasonable ($2-3 per taco), most people I know need a few of those to feel satisfied. The bill can quickly go from cheap night out to standard Chicago bar and food establishment. Not that I felt there was poor value, just a slightly contrary opinion to what's out there.
As for what we actually ate, my small snack included the Tacos De Borrego (marinated, braised lamb shoulder with radish, roasted scallions and queso fresco), and an order of guacamole.

I really liked the guac, lots of avo chunks and nice spices. The taco was tasty and a little messy. The radish is a nice touch that I wouldn't think to add to a taco. I was dissapointed with the "salsa" or sauce, as well as the hot sauce provided. Neither of the sauce options had any flavor or spice, so you're stuck with what you get. It should not be too hard to find some good and spicy red sauce to make available to customers.

I forget what I ordered to drink, but I do remember my first choice of Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Root-beer was not available. All the drinks are delicious and reasonably priced.

I'm glad to finally make it to this buzz worthy spot, and I recommend checking it out for the honky-tonk atmosphere and laid back scene. They serve great drinks with tasty food. FYI, cash only so leave the plastic at home.

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