Thursday, July 29, 2010

Secret Dinner Clubs

If you didn't know, secret eating clubs are all the rage right now. You pay a fair amount to go to a dinner/meal where the location isn't known until the last minute.
Two groups, graffEats and Silver.Spoon are teaming up to put on a "Gurrilla Dining Event" August 13 somewhere in the South Loop. You can buy tickets and learn more about the menu at the website:

graffEats, a Guerrilla Dining Society, is the anti-restaurant restaurant. Guerrilla dining is a return to the roots of what a restaurant really is. Society gatherings are locale driven, and a great place for adventuresome diners to satiate their urges.  graffEats, a charitable San Francisco based dining society, is committed to bringing guests the best in dining whether it be the local and sustainable products or a lifetime of fine dining experience behind the stove.  We can't wait to cook for you! /  / facebook page

Silver.Spoon is a new venture offering locals and visitors alike the alternative of guerrilla dining in Copenhagen.  Follow us as we show you the ephemeral restaurant where chefs, menus, venues, and themes come together for a single event before disbanding and moving on to reappear again elsewhere in various permutations.

We strive to satisfy your epicurean tastes by allowing up-and-coming chefs the creative freedom to design innovative menus using the freshest, most sustainable ingredients available.,  Quality dining for affordable prices at it's best.
silver.spoon /

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