Friday, June 11, 2010

Food we Ate in Kathmandu

Even though we would have eaten anything when we came off the mountain, we made some nice decisions and went to two highly respected restaurants: Everest Steak House and Fire and Ice (pizza and ice cream). Of course, Dave was craving KFC so that was our first stop :)

At Everest I ordered a steak with some spice, and added hot sauce, which led to an interesting dinning experience. The steak was only ok, but when all you've had is yak and fried rice for a month, it tasted like gold.

The following night we went to Fire and Ice for the best pizza in town. The reviews were correct, the pizza was very good with well cooked crust and fresh cheese. My favorite of the pies we ordered had the spicy meat ( can't remember what kind of meat...)

My favorite mystery meat pizza

The Nepali version of Hawaiian pizza (ham, pineapple and green peppers)

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