Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthday Dinner at Hula Grill Waikiki

My first birthday off the mainland went very well, and a good meal at Hula Grill went a long way to making that happen. For starters, we were treated to an unexpected fireworks show while enjoying a cocktail waiting for our table. Always fun to get a fireworks show for your day :) 

Our meal was simple, one sample platter for starters for the group to share and everyone ordered a fish for an entree. The sampler included crab cakes, imu ribs and coconut shrimp. It all tasted great and was perfect for sharing.

Hula's fresh fish selection is pared with a cooking style to choose from. I was interested in the Opah and it came highly recommended by Stacy. The preparation that evening for Opah was Tandori Style, described as "spicy roasted served with cucumber yogurt." The fish was prepared well and the fish was as tasty as advertised, buttery and delicious. I've been informed that Opah is over fished and therefore something we should try to avoid ordering. It was my birthday so I was given a pass :) I enjoyed the rice and yogurt as well, a different way than I normally each fish, unless of course you go out for greek.

Finally, the dessert was a special treat brought in by the friends. We had birthday cake and candles to top off the night. I was quite full at that time but you can't call it a birthday dinner without blowing out candles and over eating.

Hula Grill is a very nice restaurant, though you have to know what  you are getting (majority of diners are tourists). The value is not as good as it could be, but you're paying for beach front property and tasty fresh fish. Sometimes it's worth paying up for a good time while on the road, something I've learned first hand through my travels.

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