Tuesday, July 10, 2012


A month ago we went to check out Nellcote, the new beautiful space on Randolph from the same guys that did Old Town Social. I didn't know exactly what to expect but everything I had heard about the large space with white and orange accents and wood everywhere was as cool and fun as advertised. There's a few different sections inside including a very long/large attractive bar (appeared to have full food service), main dining area, high tops, and larger group seating options a few steps above and behind the bar. It's a large space that doesn't feel large though. We opted for the small but sufficient patio for some al fresco dining on a warm summer night. I really like the menu layout and presentation because it's simple and straightforward but has many options. The drink options are also quite extensive with beer, wine and everything else. On the two page menu you choose from cocktails, pizzas and then everything else ordered from plate size small to large. The only problem is that the food wasn't very good outside of the pizza we tried. They started with a complimentary cold asparagus soup, which was fine but needed salt. We ordered the broccoli and sausage pizza, shaved asparagus salad, hamachi 'crudo', organic salmon and glazed skate wing. The pizza was excellent and worth ordering again and trying others. The salad was ok but also could use some salt/seasoning - the cheese and oil kept me going. Hamachi was tasty served with apricots, fresh and clean with a nice summer flavor. The salmon and skate wing were both uninspiring, especially the skate wing served in a presentation I have never seen before that made eating the fish almost impossible (and undesirable).


I notice we had a lot of fish an didn't like the meal so maybe they just need some help on the aquatic front. The space is great and worth checking out, and I really enjoyed the pizza. The team nails the look and feel all around from tables, flowers, colors to menu pages and binding. The presentation of the food is also great, but it just needs more work and more flavors.

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