Thursday, July 5, 2012

Frontier - Whole Animal Service

By far one of the more interesting meals I've had in Chicago was eating a whole pig at The Frontier with 13 of my friends. They have a great program of "large format meals" that serve anywhere from 8-15 people (the menu isn't available online at the time of this writing). The animals offered for the 12-15 people are lamb, pig, goat and even alligator (stuffed with chicken I've heard). It's a great way to get a lot of people together and fed and enjoy the show. The meal also comes with plenty of sides including a large caesar salad, mac and cheese, succotash and corn bread. All of this costs $550 plus tax and tip (and if you go early in the week they currently offer $100 off). It's a great value if you fill the seats where you can eat like a king for $40 all in and still take home pounds of food (we ate pork for the rest of the week).


A concern for a few of our guests was having to watch or see the pig before and watch the carving. The good news is that the carving happens at the end of the table and slightly lower so if you want a front row seat you can have it but otherwise all you see if a plate of meat appear in front of you every few minutes from different parts of the animal. The chef in charge of cooking the pig is also the man who carves it for you - a full service experience. Our guy was awesome and friendly and did a great job explaining each new platter of meat and where it came from. And that was the best part of the meal - it was a full scale tasting meal where you could try a little bit from all different parts. I liked the shoulder and butt the most, and you could really taste the difference. At the end of the meal the more adventurous diners were able to taste parts of the head - cheecks, eyes and brain. Gross but I know for certain we did not leave any meat left on the bone.

I really applaud The Frontier for their whole animal service experience. The food was great and plentiful at a great value and good service. I would definitely recommend this for a fun and new group dining experience. I know most of us plan on returning to try other delicious animals.

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