Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thai Village

We are still looking for a great Thai place in our neighborhood, especially one we can use for take out. This weekend we had a craving and I wanted to give The Village another try since everyone else speaks so highly of it and it's close. We kept it simple with an order of egg rolls, pad thai and the noodle combo.

The egg roll was much better than I expected and definitely worth trying. The few bites of Erica's pad thai seemed good and much better than our first experience. The noodle combo was nice and usually spicy but they might have forgotten the spice part. It definitely needed more sauce and/or flavors but the noodles were nice and had a good mix of vegetables and chicken. I would try that dish again if I can get the extra sauce/spice or just sriracha sauce.

Our first try was sub par and our second was better but still not world class. Perhaps we need to go in person for the real deal but not sure when that will happen.

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