Monday, June 4, 2012

Spirit of Chicago Cruises

This past week Erica and I were invited to a dinner cruise and fireworks show aboard the Spirit of Chicago. Spirit is one of those large cruise boats docked at Navy Pier that I have never been on. It's a huge ship with three levels of dining and two "dance floors". The program is buffet style food with music, dancing and singing servers "cabaret" style. The whole thing is a bit cheesy and most everyone is there celebrating a special occasion (and on our cruise celebrating either Prom or high school graduation). The food was surprisingly fine and we couldn't keep our eyes off the dance floor filled with teenagers (an interesting source of entertainment). The fireworks show off of Navy Pier is always fun and except this night happened to be when the surprise cold front from Canada came down in late May for 50 degree winds. On a nice hot summer evening I would be perfectly content to eat dinner and relax outside on the water watching stars or fireworks.

The buffet featured salad, pasta salad, chicken, fish, pasta marinara, mashed potatoes and thai short ribs (probably other stuff I'm missing). Best food was pasta, mashed potatoes and chicken. We also enjoyed the dessert line with melted chocolate fondue style with fruit, marshmallow and other treats.

The whole thing is a little goofy and different but definitely a unique way to have an evening out and celebrate. Not sure I would rush back on my dime but I'm always looking for fun ways to gather a crowd.

Details: Spirit of Chicago Website

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