Monday, April 23, 2012


We went to Arami in August of 2010 shortly after it opened and during the short time it was BYO. It was one of our best meals of 2010 and have recommended many people to try their sashimi and ramen. I'm also embarrassed that for one of our favorites we did not return for 18 months, especially since we moved into the neighborhood. A few weeks ago we re-acquainted ourselves and had a very nice sushi meal with the Dermans.

While our first visit was flawless and amazing (and cheap), my second visit had a few more blemishes. I acknowledge it's impossible to judge a restaurant on one trip, and probably harder with two separated trips so far apart. The highlights remained the same: love the tiny space and casual decor, great service and likely the best sashimi in town. We didn't love the maki rolls this time around and the ramen bowl did not have the same amazing memory as before. I was also surprised by the price - I'll happily pay for quality fish, but considering we didn't leave stuffed and didn't drink a lot it was not a cheap experience. The presentations are all top notch and can transform an unassuming wooden table into a work of art.

We are now better prepared to order what we like and stick to the high quality (and expensive) fresh fish and simple appetizers. It's a great place to have near by and a worthy destination for anyone in the area. If you're just craving maki rolls I'd recommend heading to a cheaper local BYO and lower expectations.

In total our meal consisted of seaweed salad, edamamae fatty tuna sashimi dollops, salmon, three maki rolls, two specialty rolls, vegetable ramen and more sashimi served on the huge bowl of ice with flowers. As I mentioned, everything was good but few things were amazing - and they were the deliciously subtle flavoring of the sashimi pieces. Best quality fish I've had in the city in a long time. It's so close and very good I'm sure we'll return and hopefully get back closer to the first rating than the second.

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