Monday, April 2, 2012

Hot Chocolate

After our meal at Ruxbin Kitchen we drove up the street for dessert at Hot Chocolate. It's a dessert destination in Chicago, as well as a full service restaurant. Mindy Segal has numerous awards including five consecutive James Beard nominations for best pasty chef in the country (and plenty of Chicago wins). The menu devotes equal space to dinner food and the long list of desert options.

We just wanted a few dishes and didn't think to call ahead for a table (a small mistake) and ended up waiting for a little while to get a table in the lounge area (nothing a drink couldn't fix). Once seated the largest obstacle is choosing what to eat. There are plain desserts, various hot chocolates (of course) and milkshakes. We decided on three: dreamsicle baked alaska (vanilla bean ice cream, toasted meringue, Cara Cara orange sorbet, blood orange - tapioca consomm√©), the banana brioche bread pudding (coffee cocoa nib semifreddo, coffee-toffee-Moloko Milk Stout hot fudge, toffee brittle), and warm brioche doughnuts (warm and delicious, served with caramel corn and hot fudge).

There were many other enticing options but we had to choose something. The bread pudding was outrageously good and worth a return trip, the baked alaska was interesting and true to form but not our favorite and finally the doughnuts and warm chocolate sauce were disappointingly warm and no where near as tasty as Doughnut Vault.

Mindy is still cranking out really good and interesting desserts and I wish it was possible to try all in one sitting. I still haven't tried the milk shakes or the hot chocolates. I probably will only order the bread pudding again but that doesn't mean Hot Chocolate isn't one of the best (or best) dessert focused establishments in the city. Enjoy.

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  1. Impressive service, classy food (warm brioche doughnuts for me), and bathrooms that are as huge as and definitely more exquisite than my room... what more could a girl want?! corporate catering



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