Thursday, September 8, 2011

King Fish Restaurant & Tiki - Bay City, MI

I'm a fan of tradition, especially when it revolves around getting together with friends (e.g. Vegas birthdays, Michigan Football, ski trips, etc). The past few years we've managed to turn Labor Day weekend into a football home game and sailing adventure. Last year we ended up at G's Pizza so this year we tried something new with King Fish Tiki bar. Finding a place open on a sunday night during a holiday weekend in a small, family oriented sailing town is no easy feat. In fact, we're quite certain those are the only two places open and that the five of us guys made up all of the potential diners in town. King Fish has the makings of a classic, cheesy, goofy tiki bar in a small town on the water. We were just happy to go somewhere serving drinks and food, especially after our long comedy-of-errors day on the water (ask me later). Our service was very friendly and willing to entertain us even though I bet they would have been at home an hour earlier had we not shown up. The food was fine - bar food with a twist of Caribbean. There were fish tacos all around, jerk chicken, chicken wings and tater tots covered in chili nacho cheese. Yum. I had the chicken dinner with rice and bean and a nice bbq sauce. For some reason I forgot to take a picture but the chicken was well cooked and well seasoned - no complaints. I am glad they were open, I am glad they served us beer and food. We'll probably end up there again in 12 months time unless we discover another gem in the peaceful town of Bay City, MI during Labor Day 2012.

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  1. I love this place. I hope they were able to get restaurant insurance to protect their business.

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