Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bridge House Tavern

I hope everyone had a great end of summer labor day weekend. Students are back hitting the books and the weather starts to change. The only good thing about Fall is college football. But I digress. For some reason I haven't been as on top of my blog in recent weeks. I'll do my best to get back on track and start with a lunch a company group lunch we had a few weeks back in honor of a co-worker birthday. He suggested Bridge House so that's where we went. I had heard the name but didn't fully realize it is in the former Flatwater Grill space until we approached the steps. BHT has been described as upscale pub food and I wouldn't disagree. It's a great location right on the water with a large patio riverside. There's a nice bar with plenty of TVs and a clean sophisticated white table cloth and dark wood setting. The menu isn't overly complicated and stays within the bounds of pub style. There are nice sharable appetizers, some salads, sandwiches and a few "main courses."

We started with one of their most popular dishes - popcorn. This isn't regular popcorn but popcorn infused with honey, bacon, jalapeƱo, and smoked salt. It sounds goofy but it was quite delicious and the most interesting popcorn I've ever had. You get more than you need for only $4.

I tried to keep it healthy that day and avoided the very tasty looking large burger. I went with a smoked turkey sandwich with apple frisee slaw, blackberry horseradish aioli on country wheat (for $11). It sounded better than it was. the turkey had the day after thanksgiving dryness that I don't love and without a lot of flavor. The slaw and blackberry horseradish are overwhelmed by the wheat bread (i.e. more slaw and dressing needed). The sandwich grew on me as I ate more but it still needs some work. My side salad was very small but satisfying although I should have gone with the fries.

The portions in general at BHT are very large and make sense with a larger price point - though given the location and style the prices are very reasonable and even more so considering portion size. I'd go back and try some other sandwiches or main items if I were hungry. It's definitely a summer scene and a great place to have a leisurely business lunch or a handful of happy hour cocktails.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing this joint. I'm looking for new homes for sale in that area and this sounds like my lunch place!



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