Sunday, June 26, 2011

Roots Handmade Pizza

We're never upset about trying new pizza places in Chicago, especially when they pop up in our neighborhood. Roots is differentiating itself by calling their style "quad city" style. It's not deep dish but has a large and doughy crust made with malt. Yes, malt like the good stuff in beer. The concept is interesting and the place is well furnished in a large corner of the block with a huge patio and a garage door in front. There's a large bar in the middle with access on both sides. The tables are on the outside walls, two steps up stadium style with great leather padding. The scene is definitely set for good times for a hip and family Ukrainian Village crowd.

The other great aspect of Roots is the beer list. There are over 70 drafts plus bottles, and the best part is that all of them come from local breweries in the midwest. The list is organized by state, with each brewery located on the map. Unfortunately, the patio, decor, and beer list are the best qualities. The pizza isn't bad, and I actually enjoyed their specialty taco pizza - served with taco meat, tortilla chips and lettuce. We also ordered a plain cheese and mushroom pizza, which was disappointing compared to the taco. The outer crust is nice but there was too much cheese and not enough sauce or crust in the middle. For an appetizer we ordered the lollipop wings with buffalo sauce, where the sauce wasn't spicy or buffalo and the meat was very ordinary. I like that the menu is not overly complicated for a pizza spot -  a good list of starters, salads (with a build your own option) and sandwiches. The specialty pizzas looked interesting, and the taco was surprisingly good.  The pricing was a little surprising with $20 and $25 for 12'' and 16'' pies respectively. Our entire bill for four people was $30 each including tip and tax - and we didn't over order or over drink by any means.

Since Roots is within walking distance and boasts a 90 seat patio with a great beer list, the chances or returning are almost 100%. I appreciate the new take on a Chicago culinary staple but feel it comes up a bit short. For those prices I might stick with Lou Malnati, but will return for beer, outdoor drinking with the occasional snack.

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  1. Wow... Chicago really never does disappoint when it comes to pizza! I am starving after those pictures!

  2. Such a nice blog. I really enjoyed reading it.



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