Thursday, June 16, 2011

Makisu Sushi

One of the first meals I ate when I got back from Alaska was local sushi. Yea, I know I should have just stayed in Alaska and ate fresh salmon or halibut, but I had people to come home to :) and I was ready to be home. After eating dehydrated food and other non-fresh meals, sushi sounded good. Makisu also happens to be around the corner from our apartment with outdoor seating - a recipe for success.

We had a relatively simple and small meal - only ordering a few rolls and one starter. We augmented the meal with a free miso soup c/o Yelp and our server brought us an edamame plate gratis. My two favorite Japanese appetizers are gyoza and gomae. The Makisu gyoza were quite good with a flavorful sauce, but the gomae (boiled spinach with sesame miso paste) came in a presentation I've never seen. Usually it's quite boring, just a block of spinach with miso or peanut sauce. Here, it's served on a bed of lettuce like a salad. I thought the flavors were diluted and distracting with the miso paste not particularly interesting. Oh well.

Erica ordered a "chicago" roll (naturally of course, hometown pride), which is tuna and avocado. I went with the Maki Mono meal - a trio of maki rolls with a side salad and soup. The soup was good, even on a warm June evening and the salad was your typical starter salad pre sushi. We enjoyed our rolls a lot, tasty with fresh fish and good flavors. My meal came with california roll, spicy tuna and shrimp tempura. Everything was great but the spicy tuna was the best. It wasn't a typical spicy tuna with that orange/red mayo. The spicy sauce was more like a hot sauce salsa and delicious. I also like the subtle touch of serving the sushi with apple slices.

Our service was good, especially sitting outside (a huge bonus in the summer) and the food was tasty and fresh. My only complaint is that we paid more than I expected for only ordering 4 dishes and 0 drinks. So it's a good neighborhood sushi option that I look forward to exploiting, but it's NOT a cheap neighborhood sushi spot. Worth the $$? Probably not as a destination, but there's a premium for location. I know there will be future meals and I look forward to exploring the immense sushi menu (particularly after a pay-day).

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