Monday, August 12, 2013

Thai X-ing

If you have ever dined at Thai X-ing and didn't have a good time, please call me or call a doctor to find out if you have any unknown health issues. Maybe a better way of saying this is that Thai X-ing is a very fun, affordable, unique and delicious place to have a meal. I've only lived in DC for less than three months and I've been twice. Before you even try the food, the fun begins (with reservations) with BYOB service, a super fun but hard to find walk-up house turned restaurant and a COZY (romantic even) eating environment (it's practically communal style depending on where they seat you). The next best part is that the entire meal is prix-fixe and a set menu family style - so you don't have to think about what you're going to eat and you know the bill (CHEAP! $30-$40/pp depending on day) before you sit down. The menu choice is determined by the day of the week - check it out - and they can easily accommodate vegetarian or other dietary restrictions. Once you sit down the food just starts coming - and really doesn't stop. You get a soup and salad (papaya) to start before the main dishes arrive. I wish I wrote down what we had because this post is long over due, but I know we had the standard pumpkin curry, an eggplant dish, a chicken dish and a tofu dish for the main course. Everything is authentic and tasty, with a good hint of spice depending on the plate. There was one flavor I really like and ate myself to pain to finish it but I don't really remember. It's also not that important because you can't order it anyway! 

After the sampling of main dishes are brought out they give a little time to do some work before completely over doing it with a noodle dish (usually a pad see eew or pad thai). I also can't help myself to eating that because it's so good and fresh and better than any of the quick serve Thai takeout you'll find around the city. Finally, once you're certain to not be able to eat or drink anymore (remember you brought one bottle of wine per person...), they finish the meal with a perfectly balance sticky rice and mango. I need to learn that recipe. 

Finally, once again you're reminded of how good a value you received for $30 per person when you still get to ask for takeout boxes to bring the remainder home. With great, fast service, delicious food and fun/quirky place to eat a meal - I highly suggest giving Thai X-ing a night of your time. I also think going with a larger party (4-8 people) would yield better/different results because you can add a whole fish to the meal and likely get other side dishes to share. Plus you'd likely have more privacy. In any event, one of my favorite meals yet in my new city. 

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