Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Rasika was definitely my best meal in DC thus far. Maybe it's a tourist trap? Or everyone has already been-there, done-that, but I guess that's the beauty of living in a new city: it's all new. Another comment off the bat though is Raskia is definitely not what I would consider to be traditional Indian cuisine either - fusion is the best description but they also use "modern" which would apply. But don't mistake 'modern' or 'fusion' for meaning not delicious - just have the proper expectations.

Luckily there were four of us at the table so we could order a lot of food and try many things. Because of this I will highlight my favorites and least favorites but otherwise let the pictures speak for themselves. The first dish was also the most anticipated - crispy baby spinach. We ordered two. It lives up to the hype and is worth ordering at every meal. The crisp is fun and tasty served with sweet yogurt, tamarind and date chutney. A nice balance of sweet and savory and green crunch.

Our other starters included the mango shrimp, meen varuval (sea bass) and avocado banana chaat. The shrimp was probably the best of the three with a fantastic green sauce with a nice kick. We all went back to the sauce for other dishes. The avocado and banana was a let down as the avocado wasn't really that different than what you could do at home and the banana flavor didn't really seem to fit or make the flavors better. The sea bass was very meh for me, but well cooked and a nice compliment to the other plates.

The main show we went with a order of chicken tikka masala, seekh kebab (mined lamb), honey ginger duck, with sides of cauliflower, lentils and a bread basket of awesome naan choices. I absolutely loved the chicken tikka. It was delicious, great mixture and perfect consistency with chicken, sauce and spices. I poured that over rice and wish there was more. Add a side of the cumin/ginger cauliflower and garlic lentils and I could eat that all night long. The minded lamb wasn't my favorite but mainly because of the texture and presentation. It wasn't what I expected but it was served with that same awesome green sauce from before so it elevated everything. The duck was my least favorite, but everyone else seemed to love it plenty. Duck is a fatty bird and I'm extra picky with the texture and flavors so it's likely me and not the dish as it didn't last long on the table. The bread basket is also a highly recommended suggestion, and you might need two because the naan is all fantastic and perfect for the sauces and cleaning your plate.

Finally, we had to end the meal on a sweet note, even though everyone looked around the table when our server asked if we wanted to look at the menu. We all laughed because I knew a look at the menu has a 87% likelihood of ordering, and I was fine with that. Tova and I shared the ice cream while Cristina and Dan had the date toffee pudding. Next time I want the pudding - the ice cream was in exotic flavors that I didn't need.

Overall we had a great meal, good drinks, great food, solid service and fun company. Even if I didn't love ALL of the dishes there was an overriding sense that everything in my mouth was amazing. I think it helps to have multiple options to choose from, but it also speaks to quality of the presentation and cooking style. The price is on the higher end but worth the cost for the experience - which the decor of the dining room completely compliments (sleek modern feel, but classy and respectful of space). I don't know when I will return but I would highly recommend to anyone a try or return. A great meal in Washington.

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  1. Yummy looking food there. As you said, ti's a good thing there were four of you at the table- more stuff to try.
    I like trig new food and those shrimp look delicious. The ice cream looks interesting too.

  2. explanation is too good ..great going .!

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