Monday, May 14, 2012

DMK Burger Bar

One of the most written about restaurants on my blog, DMK still remains one of the few things I miss from living in Lakeview. The burger bar is still kicking it very well and is always busy - for good reason. Erica and I were craving the tasty options and good beer of DMK so we made the trek from Wicker Park to catch a meal and watch the March Madness final four (yes that's how long ago we went and I still need to blog...). Erica loves the #10 Turkey burger and is always ordered for us to enjoy. I have many favorites but decided to go with a special burger that was delicious (and I forget what was in there, avocados, chorizo, et. al.). The fries are a mandatory addition because they're so good - I like the classic salt & pepper and the sweet potato fries.

Even though I'm always interested in eating the burgers, the menu also has some other starters worth getting (if you have the room) as well as four great mac & cheese choices for main dishes. After I've had a great burger with tasty fries and one of the many craft beers offered - the only appropriate way to end the meal is with the cleaver and fun shamrock shake. It even comes with lucky charms cereal as a topping (they even split a single order for two because they are very large).

DMK makes my "Current Chicago Favs" for good reason and I hope it stays there for along time since it's my favorite burger restaurant in the city.

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