Saturday, May 7, 2011

Food Pictures

I have some older pictures of some meals that I did not or have not blogged about. These are usually quick, one plate meals or places I've already written about that don't need an entire new post. Enjoy.

La Sorella di Francesca - From 1/9/2011. Can't go wrong with the suburban variety of the Francesca family.

Lillie's Q - 1/10/2011. One of a few trips to Lillie's Q, a great addition to the Chicago Q scene. My pulled chicken was good, but we ordered the pimento cheese with bread and I was surprised it arrived cold. My bad. Not something I enjoyed but maybe we were just dumb?

Taqueria Guerrero, Indio, CA - 4/15/2011. Sometimes you get lucky. Thanks completely to Yelp, we stumbled upon this place on our way into town and were happily surprised. You know it's good mexican when there is more spanish than english on the menu, or when the "mild" salsa still burns like crazy. We wish we could return for $0.99 taco days, but we all settled for some variation of tacos with rice and beans.

Milk & Honey Cafe - 4/22/2011. It didn't take us long to return to M&H, this time more for lunch. I went with an avocado and cheese sandwich. More filling than I originally thought. Breakfast items probably a better bet. 

Lastly, a home cooked meal. Jon get's all the credit for our surf and turf of steak and ahi tuna. Sides of potatoes and green beans delight! See, I don't eat out all the time, especially when cooked for (just ask Erica).

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