Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pete's Downtown - Brooklyn, NY

Since our trip to NYC was very short we only had one real meal out. I definitely have intentions of returning for a more culinary focused trip, but this was not the time. Our Saturday night dinner was at Pete's Downtown in DUMBO. We wanted to be in DUMBO (which I learned means Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) for the great views of Manhattan and the bridge, but intended to be at Bubby's. The only problem was that they were closed for a wedding. So we walked around a bit and stumbled into Pete's by chance, someplace to grab a quick bite.

Overall it was meal to forget, besides the company and the views. Pete's is an old school Italian family restaurant. Nothing fancy and all the usual suspects on the menu. Erica and I split the caprese salad to start, served with burrata instead of mozzarella. I thought the cheese was bland and the tomatoes equally boring.

Phil started with a salad that wasn't half bad, and Erica's pasta with tomato cream sauce was the best dish of the table. But my baked ravioli was not tasty and loaded with cheese that did not add flavor. Phil didn't love his seafood pasta either. I don't mean to sound like the food was inedible, just not any better than what we could make at home, and definitely not at New York prices (pasta dishes for $20??). I was happy to check out DUMBO and the beautiful skyline - all thanks to my local guides/friends. I look forward to my next New York trip and the options for amazing cuisine.

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We all had a good time in the Big Apple

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