Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Del Seoul

Street food, Koren BBQ, food trucks, take your pick. These are all the rage right now in the food world. Chicago has been keeping up, and the addition of Del Seoul only enhances our position. The inspiration of Del Seoul "comes from the Korean “street foods” of California, Asia and Korea." Their "goal is simple: to put a modern, unique spin on Korean food." Erica and I went for a walk for lunch today and discovered that Del Seoul succeeds with flying colors. Located on the busy section of Clark St at Wrightwood, the space is a simple but well done store front. The menus are on LED screens above the counter, and after ordering the food is brought to your table.

I really enjoyed the food and flavors at Del Seoul. The menu is small and straightforward, but with enough options. The main decision is Korean BBQ Tacos or Korean BBQ "Banh Mi" Sandwiches. There are also a few specialty and side items. Luckily we ordered a little of everything to try as much as possible. I ordered a spicy BBQ pork and the Kalbi (grilled beef short rib) taco. Erica went with a Kalbi taco and Seoul style street dumplings, and we added a side of fries.

I loved my tacos and would order them again in a heartbeat. The meat was well seasoned but the marinade and sauce stole the show. All tacos are served with a cilantro-onion relish, chili-garlic "salsa", and a secret slaw. Taking all the flavors together I would not be surprised to see Korean tacos become a new favorite. Even though the look small, only two or three are needed for a full meal.

Our other main dish was the street style dumplings. For only $6 you get eight, hand made pork dumplings. We are big dumpling fans and have high expectations. I really enjoyed these and ate more than my share. The presentation is fun and eight pieces is a bargain and a lot of food. The dough was delicious and the filling perfectly cooked.

Finally, we had a side order of fries. Even though they are served with a pretty good garlic-sesame aioli, the fries themselves tasted un-loved. There was not a lot of seasoning and they did not come out particularly hot. A quick run down the street to Wiener Circle could help learn a few fry tricks. That would be the only blemish on the day (Erica thought the water cups should be larger, or at least self serve). The flavors from the the dumplings and tacos were some of the best I've had recently. I can't wait to return and recommend checking it out for lunch or dinner while shopping on Clark St. I welcome the Koren BBQ/street food movement with open arms.

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  1. Debating dinner tonight here or at Davanti Enoteca...tough decision!



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